About Yoga Pose Weekly

Welcome to Yoga Pose Weekly by LETSGLO.
YPW brings the global Yoga community together and celebrates yoga in everyday life.

YPW sets a new Pose Challenge for our community each week. Taking on the challenge is all about heart, humour and creativity.

Yogis can share their interpretation, and give big love to those that inspire then, in the following ways.

1. Post a photo! Boom!

2. Give “Heart” and big “Like” to the photos that ring your bell.

3. Make small (and big) talk. Dig a pose? Comment, compliment, ask a question, share your own experience – we’d love to hear from you! For us, this is what YPW is all about.

Finally, welcome to our much-loved Yoga Pose Weekly, we are thrilled you can join us.






  1. veena September 7, 2012  10:12 pm Reply

    Ali, you are doing great job,bringing the yoga community together around the world.This is a National Yoga Month,We all should celebrate yoga with love,joy & freedom.Yoga means Union,union with your self first & then connect with others .Open your heart,enjoy fresh Breath & live the life of free spirit. Practice of yoga brings awareness & we realize to improve our focus for spirituality.Yoga is not physical move,it incorporates Breath to open our inner channels,creates space & brings peace. Blessings, Veena

    • veena September 23, 2012  7:36 am Reply

      Ali has brought the world together through yoga poses.Good Luck every one.

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  3. damian02513 May 5, 2014  10:46 pm Reply

    I'm so happy I found this!!! lovely pictures on here...although I'm just a rookie I hope to learn from the best. Many Luck to you all.

  4. Brandy June 27, 2014  5:05 am Reply

    I absolutely love the progressions and I will be starting at the beginning my question is... How long do you hold the poses?

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