How do I submit a photo?

There are 2 ways. Email your photo to submit@yogaposeweekly.letsglo.com OR create your own personal login with a user name and password, then upload your own photos.

What size do the photos have to be?

Smaller than 4MB

Can I upload photos directly from by phone?

Not yet (cool app in the pipeline) but if you are caught on the hop you can email directly to submit@yogaposeweekly.letsglo.com and they will be posted by Sunday 12pm EST of that week, if they are received by Sunday 2pm EST.

How do I “heart” a photo?

Login and then click on the photo you want to “heart” and then click the heart to the left of the photo.

How many photos can I “heart”?

As many as you like but you can only “heart” a photo once. Sad, but true.

How can  I win the weekly prize?

Post your photo each week on our website or email it to us.

The winner will be decided from the participants who get the most likes from our Instagram plus likes on our FB page every week and announced every Monday (EST). And to eligible to win, you have to follow all the rules on our Instagram page and Facebook page and the winner will be announced on Monday (EST).

The winner’s photo will be featured on our facebook cover photo for a week.

Can I “heart” or “like” a photo from previous weeks?

You can “heart” any photo but they will not count towards the current week’s prize, however they will count towards the overall yearly (surprise) prize.

What is the overall yearly surprise prize?

It’s a surprise.

Can I “like” any of these photos on Facebook?

Absolutely. Click on the photo and click the Facebook “like” button below.

Can I share these photos on Facebook?

Absolutely. Click on the photo and click Facebook “share” button below.

Can I Tweet these photos?

Absolutely. Click on the photo and click the Tweet button below.

Can I add these photos to my Pinterest and Digg it and other social media pages?

Absolutely. Check out the icons at the bottom of the site for the different ways to share. PS, also check out the YPW Pinterest and Instagram accounts – great sources of inspiration and connection.



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